Human Thaumaturge - Dnd Character Design

Brian lived in a harsh, intimidating, scary environment but tried to fit in with the people around him. He is the type of person who always warns you about potential dangers and gets upset if you don't take them seriously. However, he would add strawberry juice to the health potion because you had previously complained about its flavor.

He has an old book filled with bookmarks and additional pages and riddled with notes and drawings. The book is messy, but it contains the accumulated knowledge of all the previous owners through the ages. This book has traveled with its previous owners through swamps, jungles, deserts, and mountains for many generations, and each of those adventurers has added their notes inside.

In his 20s, he identifies and fights monsters, necromancers, and other supernatural beings. Although he cannot cast spells, he is skilled in crafting objects such as scrolls, potions, and trinkets to overcome any challenge.


Personal Commission, 2023.